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Atom Universe to replace and become the new Ps home


in march we said farewell to PS home and were sad to see it go but all is well that ends well ,some of were devastated  some more them others  to see the huge mmo go! from the texas holdem poker to the  bowling alley and socialising’s at new spaces. Since then true fans have awaited news for a new Ps home well here it is: Atom Universe currently in its development stages   is a theme park with a a lot of attractive features such as rides and mini-games, as well as   social spots . The first release will be on PC initially, then PS4 later. its is currently in beta stages and available on ps4 for free and looks promising .at the moment its has the main hub, a place to meet up and socialize ,theme park,  Mini kart Racing,  Shooting Gallery and much more spaces should available soon .as of the full  release date for the game this is yet to be announce and who knows we could se a whole new universe stay tuned


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  1. psh clan says:

    ps home is back cant wait

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