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top 10 best products to sell 2018 (ebay) (Amazon) (etsy)(

Whether your starting a new business or trying to diversify  or getting to grips with entrepreneurism ,finding the right product can be hard to source
and once more can be time consuming.
Maybe it could be whats hot and trendy at the present time or maybe it could be a particular  time of the season where a particular product is selling like hot cakes
and you feel like your missing out and wanna get in on the action  .

well whatever the season or the time of year !

qobid’s put together a list of most likely products and items to sell in 2018.



smartphone cover,cases and accessories

A  popular product int the moving world today is? yeah you guess it ! AKA the SMARTPHONE.from family to friends to  even your young ones the  little pocket computers have come a long way since landlines and big brick phones.
so its not secret  that theirs always a market for phone accessories from pretty pink cases  to shock resistant screen covers.
there always a market for smartphone accessories .


iPhone Repair Kit

wear and tear occures over time with any product and being that iPhone is popular product in today society , am sure that it will  need maintenance and even minor DIY repair


Women’s Fashion Trending Products (DENIM)

in some cases women will shop till they drop  or always tend to keep up with Joness alway have keen eye for denim from jeans to jackets even boots .



keeping all your bits under wrap


Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth can be embarrassing. Teeth whitening can help give your customers a more beautiful smile. As teeth whitening solves an embarrassing problem, customers may feel more compelled to make an impulse purchase.

Home Decor

mans home is  his  castle and every castle needs its uniqueness ,and castle shows and empty mind set ! with that being said,

furniture and decoration

Reborn Baby

While most think kids only want to play with fidget spinners and apps, dolls are starting to become increasingly popular again. Especially the reborn baby dolls.

Anti Cellulite Vacuum


Fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are a popular beauty accessory worn by women to make their eyelashes appear fuller.


Vegetable Cutter


Silicone Mold for Baking

Silicone molds used for baking are a force to be reckoned with. They can be used to make designs for cakes and pastries easily.

Anti Snoring

Snoring and sleep apnea can be a big problem for couples. A person who snores can keep their partner up at night disrupting their sleep. Enter anti snoring products. They can help minimize a person’s snoring.


Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino starter kits are popular among programmers and tech lovers. It allows users to gain hands on experience using Arduino.



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