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Socom H-Hour: World’s Elite ps4 release date and what to expect

SOCOM-II-remake-for-PS4-H-Hour-release-now-officialSocom US NAVY SEALS is back and this time powered by it’s  fan base through kickstarter and has raised  just over $200,000 to shoot this game into development. What was once the most popular online shooter for the ps2 ,has now been remade tailored  and geared towards its true fan base taking  the true essence of socom back to its roots ,using the rawest tactical methods to takeout your enemy. In March 2012 Sony announced it had closed Zipper Interactive and then shut down its Socom servers” farewell ps2 dnas” ! since socom 2,3 ,and ca !the socom series was truly never same ,sure there was socom confrontation and socom 4 for ps3 but the true socom and its epicness slowly faded away and Socom fans started to loose faith in the socom series as the last to episodes of the  socom  franchise never quite had the same  feel, .Now The creative director of the original SOCOM games has returned to the tactical, team-based shooter genre with H-Hour: World’s Elite for PC and coming soon to ps4


H-Hour will not  be an HD version of SOCOM 2, but more of a reboot of SOCOM 2 and will feature  new maps, and four new gameplay modes and off course along side its original game modes . Some may wonder “what no vehicles? no convoys? no army tanks?, no armed harbour boats! as this maybe the case and will be definitely missed ‘ however H-Hour will be strictly focus on the third-person and first-person shooter side of things and who knows we may expect another episode of socom with tactical arm vehicle’s   .


 The tactical shooter is out on PC and coming soon to PlayStation 4.


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