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Lust is so Dangerous

Lust is very dangerous to most people, very few people can handle it and very few people know what to do when they have it thrust upon them. It is important that when you get caught out by lust perhaps the most cynical of all the seven deadly sins. It catches us at our weakest…
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A Dangerous Ride

Motorcycles are amazing pieces of machinery that can bring a great amount of enjoyment.  Everything that comes with a bike is made for excitement and freedom of the open road.  But, as enjoyable as a motorcycle can be, it can also be just as dangerous.  Motorcycle accidents can be more severe and even more deadly…
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Dangerous Neighbors

As a resident on the border with Mexico, I am a witness of the unstoppable violence that reigns in that country. I have friends on the other side who bring horrific testimonies of executions and kidnappings. Every store in Matamoros, according to reliable sources, has to pay a certain monthly amount to survive. Those that…
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