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IRS Issues Guidance on PTIN Renewal Additions & Aptitude

Renewal PTIN – PTIN renewal shall be one calendar year. Therefore, the current record PTIN expires December 31, 2011. * The period of renewal begins October 1, 15, 2011, and must be completed before January 1, 2012. * User Fees Renewal: $ 64.50 * The renewal can be completed: Online – Go to search…
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Take advantage of Qualified IRS Tax Guidance to Pay IRS Debt and Deal with Your IRS Tax Challenges

  The only surefire way to fix IRS Tax Issues is to seek IRS Tax Guidance or Pay IRS Debt off. You can find different Internal Revenue Service Tax Support companies open to help you handle Internal Revenue Service Tax Challenges, and there are many approaches to pay Internal Revenue Service Debt. If faced with…
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