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Top Strangest Images on Google Street View

Google Earth is the satellite that allows human beings to “fly anywhere” to see most of places in the world. A giant cruise ship crossing buildings, cities, parks and even a seabed is established just by a few clicks of computer mouse. In the past, people travel around to see “Seven Wonders of the world”;…
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Historic Flags Tell the Story of the United States in Images

Historic flags and symbols are an important part of a nation’s story, and the United States is no exception. The familiar stars and stripes on the country’s flag that represent the original 13 colonies were common in early renditions. The Bennington flag is one example of an early flag used in the United States. This…
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Best images of Pope Francis’ trip to South Korea (-ONLY VIDEO-) From the moment he got off his popemobile to greet the families who lost a loved one in the ferry accident, to his silent prayer for the unity of Korea,… Video Rating: 5 / 5

Best images of Pope Francis’ trip to the Holy Land During his three-day trip to the Holy Land, Pope Francis lived and was at the center of historical moments. Pope Francis wrapped up his Mideast pilgrimage Monday with a balancing act of symbolic and sometimes spontaneous gestures to press his call for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. (May 26)