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A Dangerous Ride

Motorcycles are amazing pieces of machinery that can bring a great amount of enjoyment.  Everything that comes with a bike is made for excitement and freedom of the open road.  But, as enjoyable as a motorcycle can be, it can also be just as dangerous.  Motorcycle accidents can be more severe and even more deadly to persons riding them than a car or truck accident.  A person who is in a motorcycle accident does not have the protection of a seatbelt or air bag, and is at great risk of being flung from their vehicle.  There are plenty of precautions that can be taken: helmets, protective clothing, and remaining aware of those on the road, but there is still always the possibility of an accident.  This is why they are called accidents.

In 2008, there were eight thousand riders injured and five thousand were killed due to auto accidents.  This is an increase from the previous year.  More than half of those cyclists were not wearing a helmet.  Just under half of those accidents were collisions with a vehicle such as a car or truck.  Helmets are believed to be only thirty-eight percent effective in decreasing cyclists chances of fatal injuries.  Motorcyclists are nine times more likely to be injured and thirty-seven times more likely to be killed in an accident than someone riding in a car or truck.

With the great risk that comes with riding a motorcycle, one should not just give up riding, but rather have a plan for if an accident were to occur.  Motorcyclists need lawyers for their accidents just like someone in a normal vehicle.  There are lawyers out there who are willing to help a cyclist collect for all damages that may be caused by there wreck, both medical and economical.  Just because you are riding a motorcycle does not mean you are subject to any different rules than those riding in cars and trucks.


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