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Airline Security Restrictions

No matter which airline you are flying with there will be certain security restrictions in place when you arrive at the airport. These will be generally the same for airports around the world. A lot of people feel very stressed at the thought of having to pass through security screenings. This can be because they are nervous about making sure they are doing everything right, or it could be because they get annoyed at the time it takes to go through these security processes. Either way there are some steps you can take to speed the whole process up and make it as hassle-free as possible.

Firstly, everybody gets an airport security scan. You walk through the gates and if any metal is detected you have to remove it and go through again. You know this is coming, so why not be prepared in advance? While you are waiting in the queue remove your watch and belt if it is made of metal. These can be places in the trays provided ready to be scanned. Any electrical devices or mobile phones you are carrying will also have to be placed in these trays. Remember to remove laptops from their carry cases.

Personal items such as wallets will have to go through the x-ray scanner, as will any bags you are carrying on to the airplane. You are allowed to carry on liquids and gels only in container sizes of three ounces or smaller. These must be stored in one-quart clear plastic zip top bags, one per passenger. These bags should be ready to be placed in the trays for scanning once you get to the front of the queue to prevent delays. When you pass through the metal detector you should not need to remove small items of jewellery such as rings as these should not set the alarms off.

When you get to the front of the queue you will most likely be asked to remove your shoes, jacket, and any baggy clothing, so once again do this in advance. You want to get through this security screening as quickly as possible, and if you have anything which will set of the metal detectors you will taken aside for additional screening, which will slow down the whole process for you and others.

Before you even get to the airport security scanners you will be asked to provide your passport or photo identification and your boarding pass. In fact, you will be asked to provide these at different points by different security personnel. Have these readily available so that you are not having to search for them each time.

Some items should never be in your carry-on luggage, and should instead always be in checked luggage. These items would include sharp objects and flammable or explosive objects. For example, scissors, razor blades, nail files, and matches will not be allowed to be carried on. When your bags go through the x-ray scanner these items will be detected and confiscated, and this will definitely increase your security screening time.

Airline security restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of all passengers. They serve a purpose, which is not to annoy passengers with delays, but by following these steps you should find that your airport security process is much quicker than you expected, leaving you to enjoy your flight.

Nothing will get your vacation or business trip off to a worse start than being caught out by airport rules and regulations. You need to be prepared. For helpful air travel advice click on the link.

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