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Appreciating History through History

Change is inevitable in life due to constant innovations. This is probably why so many people nowadays obsessively take pictures of everything. Whenever someone sees something worth taking a picture of, they instantly look for a camera in an effort to preserve the moment.


Admittedly, some things in the past are not worth remembering. A number of devices and some fashion styles came and went because these are simply not worthy of anyone’s time. Although forgetting maybe appropriate in these instances, other cases must be re-examined carefully. Historical events and places are certainly worth revisiting to remind us of its lesson.


Many of us would claim that they do not have the time to review a certain history; this is why history books continue to gather dusts in bookshelves. However, not all is yet lost because history is everywhere. Architecture speaks of history, when a person sees pyramids, they may automatically think of the rise and fall of Egypt.


If one thinks about it carefully, even a historical event can be a possible reminder of another historical moment. Take for example the rise in houses for sale in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the oil boom. This could serve as a reminder of the sudden rise of Native American settlements after The Trail of Tears. Both these events saw a sudden rise in the number of people living in that particular area. At the same time it also reminds us of a darker period in history.


The infamous Trail of Tears brought about deaths to thousands of Native Americans. If moving nowadays is hard, imagine what it was like a hundred years ago. The natives back then had no houses in Tulsa they would automatically call their home when they traveled. Their migration caused them many sufferings because of the conditions that the colonizers forced upon them.


For one, the move was sudden. In the wake of the forced move, looters also became another problem as they ransacked the natives’ settlements. The timing of the move also took place in winter thus causing more hardship. Hunting for food was almost impossible during this season and hunger became inevitable. Whenever you get a chance to visit a foreign place, ask yourself of its history. Sometimes even something as simple as houses in Tulsa or a wall in Tuscany could yield many lessons.

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