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Ban Laurel Sulfate

Hotels owe it to their guests to provide soap and shampoo that don’t contain sodium laurel sulfate (SLS). It doesn’t matter which chemical name it’s labeled as, it’s harmful. Hotels would be kinder to their guests to not even offer shampoo and soap than to provide amenities with laurel sulfate.

Reactions to this chemical, used as a surfactant, detergent and/or foaming agent, vary but include itchy skin, red rashes, and respiratory problems. Why would you do that to your guests? And if the solid form is handled can be a choking hazard.

In talking to vendors I hear arguments against them providing laurel-sulfate-free products because they are told by their suppliers that SLS isn’t a carcinogen. They don’t know how to reply to my comment that it’s a known irritant. If more hotels demanded SLS-free toiletries more vendors would look for it and more suppliers would provide it. Education is the missing element here, and that’s what I’m trying to provide — education about the problems with SLS.

Tom’s of Maine is using what I call double talk on their toothpaste, which contains laurel sulfate, by saying their products are made of natural products. The SLS contained in their products comes from organic flowers and herbs, according to the label and their website. This is double talk because it’s not the source of the ingredients that’s the problem here, it’s the process of creating SLS that is the problem.

Hoteliers go to great lengths to make their guests feel comfortable and at home, and strive to not harm them. Knowing that, let me say to hoteliers — here’s another issue you need to be aware of and act on. Don’t shrug your shoulders. Don’t pass it off to your buyer. Don’t let your vendors and suppliers double talk you out of your conviction to drop products that contain laurel sulfate.

You can see me speak on the subject in this video.

Ban Laurel Sulfate from your hotel, and your home

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