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Banning Texting While Driving is AAA’s Latest Crusade

Today’s cell phones hardly resemble the cell phones of yore. The Smart Phones of today possess features unimaginable even as recently as five to ten years ago. These features allow for new forms of connectivity, as users are able to tweet their location, email and text with friends, and even video chat with relatives in foreign countries.

However, while the age of connectivity brings efficiency and benefit to the lives of many, there is a time and place for using smart phones. According to the AAA Foundation, this place is not behind the wheel.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, formally the American Automobile Association, recently revealed their legislative priorities for 2011. One of their biggest priorities for 2011 was revealed to be the massive undertaking of seeking a ban on texting while driving in all fifty states, with an emphasis on laws targeting younger drivers.

The AAA Foundation revealed that driver inattention, often due to texting or talking on a cell phone while behind the wheel, nearly quadrupled the risk of being in a crash. Young, distracted drivers cause thousands of accidents, many of which are fatal.

30 states currently have laws against texting and driving. The AAA foundation is trying to get the remaining 20, including Texas, on board. Other states without similar laws include Ohio, Arizona and Montana.

New developments lend credence to the notion that these measures are gaining steam. The Texas legislature met this week to discuss the possibility of laws that will ban texting while driving. The House Transportation Committee planned to hear testimony from supporters of the bill before the House Speaker collapsed momentarily while speaking.

As of now, Texas law makes it illegal to use a cell phone at all while driving in a school zone. In addition, drivers younger than eighteen are forbidden from using their cell phones at any time while driving. Now, some lawmakers and activists are pushing for additional precautions.

Those in favor of the bill believe that it is a critical step in creating safer roads, not only for teenagers, but for all drivers as well. They say that additional legislation is crucial for preventing Houston truck wrecks from cell phone use that can cause serious injuries and even loss of life.

Detractors of the bill say that the additional legislation adds little benefit, but still overly restricts people’s behavior. They say there are already laws protecting younger drivers, and going beyond those measures doesn’t make sense in light of the statistics.

To learn more about the continuing debate over Texas’s proposed driving bill, visit:

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