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Best Beaches in Northumberland

England is a great country. Many people travel to England to experience culture and take in the wonderful cities. Often, they enjoy shopping as well. However, not too often do you hear of people traveling to England to experience the beach. On the other hand, if you are a resident of Britain, a beach get-a-way might be the perfect vacation for you. It might provide you with the leisurely vacation you are looking for. 
One of the best areas to visit for beaches in all of England is Northumberland. The area is known for it’s amazing beaches. They are practically breathtaking. When you go there, you will experience miles of coastline and a variety of different beaches to choose from.
Northumberland is a place where you can enjoy being outside. You will want to take in the fresh air and walk around. Whether you are a seasoned walker or just in it for the scenery, it is the perfect location to get on your feet and take a walk up the coast. You will love what you see. The area was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 
If you come with children, you will most likely want to visit the beach that sits beneath the Bamburgh Castle. It is a perfect place for your children to take in some of the amazing architecture of the area and use it to build sandcastles! In addition, while hanging out on this beach, you will have a view of the Holy Island. 
For those who are more adventurous, check out Beadnell Beach. Many people on Northumberland participate in water sports – kite surfing, water skiing, boating, diving. At this beach, you can watch or participate. It is fun to get involved in the activities of the area.
Many people like to go to the beach to simply relax. For these people, they prefer reading a book or maybe even taking an afternoon nap on the beach. If this is what you want to do while you go to the beach, try Cheswick Beach. It is located between Holy Island and Berwick. Not only will you enjoy peace and quiet while on the beach, but you will also be privileged to a very beautiful environment. Very rare orchids grow in the dunes by the beach during the summer. Additionally, the gardens surrounding the beach nicely juxtapose with the sand to create a beautiful environment. 
Plan your trip to the Northumberland today! The beach is waiting for you.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Northumbria Cottages who provide Holiday Cottages in Northumberland which are great for a Northumbria Coastal Holiday

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