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Canada Tourist Visa Requirements & Eligibility

Canada is one of the prosperous nations of the world. Canada is the second largest nation in the world.  With number of implausible destinations, Canada attracts tourist from all over the world. Both foreign & domestic tourism industry in Canada is quite huge.  Large numbers of tourist are found in the four major cities of Canada such as:


These places are popular for their culture, traditions, diversity with many national parks and historic sites.  The westernmost province of Canada forms British Columbia.  Some part of this province touches British Columbia and forms another major region that attracts tourists from all over the world. The province of British Columbia is divided into six main regions such as:

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains
Thompson Okanagan
Cariboo Coast Chilcotin
Northern British Columbia
 Kootenay Rockies
 Vancouver Island

The foreign nationals can become Canadian tourists and enjoy the beauty of Canadian attractions if they have a valid Canadian Tourist Visa. The Canadian Visitor Visa allows the foreigner to come to Canada for the purpose of tourism or visiting family & friends.  The Canadian tourist visa is a temporary visa and is valid for 6months or can be extended further.

A foreigner can be granted a Canadian Tourist Visa, if the intention of the applicant for visiting Canada is genuine and with correct documentation & forms.  A foreigner can become eligible for Canada tourist visa if he/she meets the following eligibility requirements:

The candidate must be able to show enough funds to support themselves and their family during entire Canada visit.
The candidate should not have any intention of undertaking a job in Canada.
The candidate should not have any criminal record.
The candidate should pass the medical test.
The candidate should submit an invitation letter from friends or relatives with whom they will be staying in Canada.
 A temporary resident visa may be required for nationals of some countries.


Nearly 5 million people visit Canada every year; they are tourists, students or temporary workers.  Visitors are not allowed to work on this visa and are asked to leave the country before their visa expires.  

If the spouse, partner, or children above the age of 18 are willing to visit Canada with you then they need to apply for the Canadian visitor visas separately and fulfill all the other requirements.

It is advised to contact best visa consultants so that your visitor visas can be processed in a systematic way with complete documentations. This will avoid visa rejections.

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