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Cheap Laptop Reviews

When searching for a cheap laptop, the most important step is first listing what requirements are necessary to meet your computing needs. This list will act as your guide when figuring out where you can save money, and where you need to spend when looking for good deals on cheap laptops. For example, if you are a business executive or a student looking only for basic web browsing and use of the MS Office suite of programs, such as MS Word and MS Excel, then you know you can save money by looking for laptops with lesser graphics cards and smaller, lower resolution displays. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, then the opposite applies.

Most great cheap laptops these days are the mini laptops or netbooks, which are mostly under $ 500. This is great for the traveler, but for those of you looking for a full size laptop, this doesn’t fit the bill for you. Below are reviews of three full size laptops that are all under $ 799 and are great deals, listed in order of descending cost.

Gateway UC7807U- This laptop runs $ 799 and is almost considered a mini laptop, with a 13 inch display and a lightweight design. For the heavy graphics user do not buy this cheap laptop. This machine is meant for the student or business exec, especially one who prefers the smaller, more compact, easy to travel with design. As for specs, they are as follows: The Gateway comes with a the amazing Core 2 Duo processor and 3 GB RAM. The mouse pad is a bit awkward due to its round design instead of the standard square or rectangle, and it also has only one button instead of the typical right and left mouse buttons, which will be extremely irritating to most PC users. The display is lacking in its viewing angle, and the speakers are tinny. As long as you know where you are saving on this laptop, then overall it is a great buy.

Toshiba Satellite A500-ST5601- For $ 699, this laptop is a great buy. As like the Gateway listed above, this laptop also comes with the Core 2 Duo processor and 3 GB RAM. The hard disk is a whopping 320 GB and the display is a 16 inch LCD. If you are into watching movies on your laptop, this cheap laptop might disappoint because it does skimp on the optical drive, and only provides a DVD drive, not capable of reading blu-ray disks, which of course on a high resolution screen is the only way to watch a movie these days!

HP G60-440us- Last but surely not least I introduce to you a 0 laptop. The Pentium dual-core processor is unfortunately where they skimped on this cheap laptop. The two deals above both come with the more up-to-date Core 2 Duo processor, but the Pentium dual-core processor is preferred over the usual Celeron processors used when skimping in this area. The 16 inch display, 320 GB hard drive and 3 GB RAM all leave this cheap laptop as a great deal for those needing to save a few pennies.

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