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Checking Out The Better Resorts In Jamaica


Jamaica is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. There is good reason for that. This tropical island is home to pristine beaches, incredibly clean water, mouthwatering cuisine, a world of amenities and friendly people. What more could you ask for when traveling? The most difficult aspect of traveling to Jamaica is choosing the right place to stay. That being the case, we will look at the best resorts in Jamaica and lead you in the right direction. 


Beaches is one of the top resorts in Jamaica. This has everything to do with amenities. Here you will find pools, beaches, tennis courts, an outdoor restaurant, indoor fine dining, a romantic pier with a bench to enjoy sunset views, boating activities and more. Another good option is Wyndham. However, this is a very basic hotel. The outdoor fountains, balconies, outdoor pool and outdoor bar are the biggest selling points. Just don’t expect to be blown away. Iberstor Rose Hall is quality. The beach, pool, staff and food are all impressive. At the same time, there is nothing overly memorable about this location.


When it comes to the best resorts in Jamaica, you have to go with a Sandals property. There are seven of them to choose from. They each offer something different so pay careful attention, heed the advice given and you will be well on your way to the best vacation of your entire life. 


Sandals Whitehouse is all about history and culture. If you fancy this sort of thing, then this is the place to be. Some people love learning about other cultures and their history. Others don’t care and just want to relax and/or party. If you fit into the latter category, choose another property. Sandals Whitehouse has 360 rooms and is located on the south side of the island.


Moving to the north side of the island, we have Sandals Royal Plantation. This property is near the St. Ann Mountains and the Ocho Rios Rivera. This is the perfect place to stay if you don’t like crowds and you enjoy nature and exploring. There are 77 suites here. Every single one of them comes with an ocean view.


If you’re looking for romance, then go straight to Sandals Negril. This property is located on the famous seven-mile beach, which means a lot of space when you’re looking to suntan as well as beauty as far as the eye can see when you’re looking out over the water. This is an environmentally friendly resort with unique architecture. 


Sandals Grand Rivera is the prettiest of all the Sandals resorts. That’s because it’s set on a 110-acre preserve that’s part of a rainforest. Therefore, you have mountain views to one side and the beach to the other. There are also gardens, streams and 100 pools to enjoy.


Sandals Montego Bay has been around forever and people still flock to it. That’s because it has the largest beach and the cleanest water on the island. There are also roofed huts on the beach for guests to enjoy. 


Finally, we have the Sandals Carlyle, which is best suited for couples. This is one of the smaller resorts in Jamaica. While it has all the basic amenities, two great features are that it’s home to two gourmet restaurants and it’s only five minutes from the airport.


Use the information above to plan your next Jamaica vacation. You will be glad you did. 



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