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Citizenship Test Questions – For Canadians

A close relative of mine received her citizenship test appointment and called me for some advice. What truly surprised me was she taught that she only had to know 20 questions. When I told her she was wrong and that the citizenship test questions is made up of approximately 130 questions she could not believe.

Like my relative many residents fail to do their do diligence and what they do not realized that Citizenship and Immigration requires you to know all the 130 questions and answers. No ifs, no buts. This is compulsory because only 20 questions you will be tested on are randomly selected from the 130 questions. Not knowing the correct answers can be very disappointing if you do not prepare yourself for this test.

Failing this test has it consequences. It means waiting again to get a new appointment. Thousands of applications are being processed every day and with the current backlog one never knows how long you would have to wait. With that said, the motivation is you must pass this test on the first round and think not of failure.

The best approach for everyone is to prepare properly, you have waited so long why gamble on 20 questions? Make it compulsory that you know all the questions before you take the test. In this way you would eliminate all the guess work. How would you feel if you know all the answers to the questions before taking the test? You will feel confident and well prepared.

Reading “A look at Canada” booklet is highly recommended as it helps you to understand the general make up of Canada. The citizenship test questions in a form of a multiple choice quiz or a software program is an ideal solution for practicing as it simulates the test and remove any room for errors.

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