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Countries Sleeping Most

The U.S, Belgium, Spain, and some other developed countries are among the countries sleeping most, according to the latest study of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Below is the full list of these countries.



An Australian sleeps 8.53 hours per day



The Spanish spares each day 8.56 hours sleeping



The British have 8.38 sleeping hours per day



In Canada, people sleep 8.48 hours per day



8.35 hours is the sleeping time of the Mexican



People in France sleep 8.83 hours per day



In the U.S, the most developed country, 8.63 hours is the average sleeping time of each person per day.


In The Sun Rising Country, people have 7.83 hours for sleeping



8.3 hours is the sleeping time of the Italian



The German have 8.2 hours sleeping per day



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