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Countries With Least Population

While the earth’s population will reach up to seven billion humans in a few months, feeding and housing is the most serious problem for officials. In contrast to booming population levels in Delhi, China, Mumbai and etc, the following countries are globally known for the least population.


Greenland (Denmark)

Location: North Atlantic

Population: 56,615

People per square mile: 69 humans per square mile

Greenland or Grenland of Denmark, which means “Land of the Greenlanders” in Danish, is named the biggest island on the planet and one of the most extreme travel destinations of the world. 85 percent of the island is covered by a thick sheet of ice that makes the living areas only to the shoreline.

Greenland (Denmark)


Falkland Islands (U.K)

Location: South Atlantic Ocean

Population: 3,140

The Falkland Islands in UK has population of 2,400 people and 700,000 sheep. Located about 250 nautical miles from the coast of mainland South America, the island is known for strong economic growth in both fisheries and tourism. The chain of more than 200 islands offers amazing view of different species of sea creatures.

Falkland Islands (U.K)



Location: Central Asia

Population: 2,754,685

People per square mile: 4.56 

Mongolia, which is twice the size of Texas, is nested between Russia to the north and the People’s Republic of China to the south, east and west. Mongolia is home to master horseman and nomadic tribes. The capital city of Ulaanbaatar is a remnant of the Communist era.



Western Sahara

Location: Northwest Africa

Population: 513,000

People per square mile: 5 

Western Sahara is the disputed region in northern Africa. Western Sahara is known for long coastline without credible beaches, heavily mined military zone, vast arid desert, soar temperature in day and plummet at night. Only 50% of population is literal.

Western Sahara


French Guiana (France)

Location: Northeast South America

Population: 217,000

People per square mile: 6.2 

French Guiana is mostly unsettled wilderness and has one of the most notorious prisons in the world. Half of population lives in the capital city of Cayenne while the rest gathers at space-town of Kourou. It is home to European Space Agency satellites.

French Guiana (France)


Greenland (Denmark)


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