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Differences Between Flat Rate And Per Hour Moving Rates

As you can tell by the name, flat rate movers provide a full house or business move for a prearranged fee. The opposing choice to flat rate moving is a per hour service. Both groups typically differ only in the way that the price is determined, as any professional movers should carry out a move from start to finish.
Before you pick a particular service, you should always obtain quotes from more than one group. Any quotes should be made based on certain considerations. The size of your premises and the number of items to be transported is a major factor, because this has an effect on the size of the move. The more possessions you have, the more time that will be required for them to be safely packaged. There will also be an increased cost of packaging materials. You must also realize that the movers will need more carrying time. Packing times will be larger, and the time spent unpacking the items.
A second consideration for flat rate movers as they are working out their costs will of course be the distance between your locations. Of course the farther removed they are from each other, the bigger the driving time. This will result in greater travel costs as well as man hours. Of course if there are a lot of items to be moved the movers will be required to make this trip a number of times, which will also increase the overall cost.
The distinguishing aspect of a flat rate moving service is that the bill is determined before the move takes place. This should be the complete fee for the entire move, and means that the client does not face any unexpected costs. There should be no surprise expenses once the job is done, which can arise when per hour services are utilized. However some disadvantages to using flat rate services to exist also.
Flat rate moving companies are sustainable businesses, that must safeguard against potential losses. If they were to price their jobs envisioning a straightforward move with no holdups, then it is possible that they will lose money or even incur expenses if something does happen. For example they will have to allow a given period of time required for the packing of their vehicles and then roughly calculate the wage expenses for this part of the move. However unexpected problems could prolong the time it takes to complete this part of the move. Little things like a truck parked in a spot in front of either building may be the source of annoyance for movers attempting to transport boxes to and from a moving vehicle. This explains why it is expected for the flat rate moving group to allow for such problems in their quote. This shields the owners against delays, and gives them some certainty that they will not lose money instead of earning it.
Obviously if the move runs smoothly, the client does end up paying more with flat rate movers than what they would if utilizing a per hour service.

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