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Discovery after Discovery at Castile and Leon

Castile and Leon is a very huge Spanish region comprising of 8 charming provinces sitting on the odd meseta platform with an interesting geomorphology. It encompasses the old Leon kingdom and the northern part of the past Castile kingdom. Its provinces are Avila, Leon, Segovia, Burgos, Salamanca, Soria, Palencia and Zamora. Most of its landscape is made up of flat countryside with rich history and breath-taking architectural heritage. Highlights of each province Segovia still exhibits quaint Roman aqueduct, which is a basic villa with a quiet garden, a fine example of an era and lifestyle. This charming town also holds many valuable treasures of different eras’ influence, as can be seen from the few beautiful Romanesque churches, the impressive Moorish Alcazar fortress and a huge Gothic cathedral. Avila displays ancient medieval walls of fortified Romanesque architecture around Saint Theresa of Jesus’ birthplace. The St Vincent cathedral or Basilica is another magnificent jewel set in the walls. Soria which lies by river Duero also has many Romanesque structural buildings that are used for civil and religious purposes, which date back to the 12th or 13th century. Burgos holds the honor as El Cid’s place of birth with a majestic Gothic styled cathedral, making it one of Spain’s best. The Old Quarter has maintained the impressive Renaissance as well as medieval era palaces and churches here. Palencia city may be little known but is second fiddle to no other cities when it comes to architectural jewels of medieval flavor, as can be found in the magnificent Gothic-style cathedral and its impressive museum containing archaeological artifacts. The city of Valladolid, which is Castilla-Leon’s capital now, is also the region’s biggest city. It offers the sobriety and tranquility of the celebrations of Holy Week. Other sights to behold here include a beautiful garden and cathedral, the magnificent San Gregorio Plateresque building, a sculpture museum which houses an impeccable 16th century to 17th century collection of great Spanish artwork, like Berruguete and a college of medieval construct, Santa Cruz. In Leon, one can find 3 architectural monuments, which deserve mention and appreciation, in this previous capital: 12th century Romanesque San Isidoro Royal Basilica; the awesome Gothic Cathedral, which represents purity with its numerous stunning stained-glass windows; and the splendid convent of San Marcos in a Renaissance building, which has been converted into a high class hotel for tourists. Another city of medieval flavor, Zamora has done a great job in preserving the cathedral and churches in its area. Salamanca city rose to fame when its first European university opened its doors during the Renaissance era. This city is bedecked by many pieces of architectural jewels like cathedrals and Renaissance façades.

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