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Don’t Be Left Without A Rental, Learn The Restrictions Before You Travel

Vacationer’s beware there exists a statute that could make it troublesome to rent an automobile if you’re a senior citizen and this isn’t any laughing matter. Where as almost everyone realizes that you need to be twenty-one or older to rent an automobile hardly any individuals are knowledgeable of the actuality that due to so many more individuals living longer a number of companies in varying countries are restricting the maximal age for renting a vehicle likewise.

There are various companies that are working hard to offer incentives and savings to vacationing senior citizens but if you are a senior who is planning to travel you need to look around to locate a business that’s inclined to rent to you, especially if you happen to be over 70. Regrettably, telling consumers about these constraints is not commonplace for many rental car agencies.

Now you may very well imagine that simply because they permit you to book the automobile that this signifies you’ll be able to get that rental once you arrive, but the majority of car rental agencies just question if the driver of the rental will be twenty-one or older and hardly any ask if the driver will be under the age of 70 or 75, therefore the only point that they will become knowledgeable of your age is when you present your identification to pick up the rental. Even people who use AARP or senor citizen discounts still will not be questioned about how old they are which is a downfall of the system in which makes it possible for seniors to book the car but not actually drive it.

One thing is for sure, this could be very stressful for a vacationing senor citizen who discovers just a bit too late that they’re in a foreign country without any means of getting around. And whereas you could suspect that using a major, renowned car rental company or one that you possibly used before can help you prevent this problem, it will not. Essentially even a company that would possibly rent you an automobile in Australia for instance, may not do the same in Europe.

A growing number of companies are placing a cap on the age to rent an automobile so it’s important, for your reassurance, that you ask specifically on the subject of the company’s policy in the country that you’re traveling to. If your customer service representative is not sure then ask to speak to a supervisor so you can identify the facts prior to deciding to travel.

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