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EBook Market in Different Countries

Just a few years ago, e-books can, like paper generally accepted as a way of reading is still a highly controversial topic, and today, e-books already “popular”, is quietly changing the world. Although the starting sooner or later, but the emphasis on countries in the world are simply the development of national e-book reader market. UK: e-book market is still in its infancy

According to the British “Financial Times” reported in 2009, the British e-books and other digital productsSales increased by 20%, but the publishers said that e-books and digital products, publishing market share is less than 5% of total sales, hope the market can be more similar iPad new equipment, in order to stimulate consumer electronics interest in the book, thereby pulling the e-book market.

British Publishers Association said that in 2009, the British digital products such as books, audio book sales of 1.5 billion pounds, compared to 80 million pounds in 2008 increased by 87.5%. But the only British book sales figures of total product sales (31 billion pounds) of 4.8%. The Association chief executive Ximenggudeng said: “The e-book sales showed strong growth, is looking forward to the future of e-book market. But now also in its infancy.” Germany: e-books and paper books with Price. According to a German market research firm’s statistics, first half of 2009, Germany sold about 10,000 e-book reader, in addition to professional books other than the e-book sales of 6.5 million units. Although this figure is a far cry from Britain, but to pull the financial crisis made in the growth of the German book industry, but also played no small role.Pricing system in the implementation of the German book, the price of books and paper books to be the same, no matter in which a platform. And the cost of downloading an e-book is higher than Britain and the U.S.: consumers not only need to buy a reader, the price of books and hardcover books are the same price. Only when the market two years after the hardcover paperback came out, the price of books will be reduced. Japan: E-comic book market leading e-business

From 1945 to 1996, the Japanese publishing industry has gone through half a century of glory. And since 1997, the Japanese publishing industry began a long history of negative growth. In 2007, e-book publishing market in Japan rose to 355 billion yen. To this end, experts predict that the Japanese publishing, electronic book publishing publishing industry in Japan may become the “savior” one.And this one, e-comic book market has become the electronic “engine.” E-comic leap from there in 2005 after the momentum of development, in 2006, the year 2007, sales continued higher than a year. As of the end of March 2008, the market size of e-comics about 255 billion yen, accounting for all e-books (355 billion yen) for 72% of market size.

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