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EU Breakup

The politics of Eastern Europe are moving in the right direction away from Communism and therefore away from Socialism, something the majority of Western Europe is failing to see. Its gone down the same road and is France the first of many Western European countries to admit they are Bankrupt.

With the politics right we need to get the economics right in Eastern Europe and then their growth will help show the Western European countries that they need to change and stop being socialist and being in a Bankrupt state.

The President of France M. Sarkozy is trying to change the EU for the benefit of France and not giving a dam if the rest sink. Shocked to read the current Dutch government are getting into the same bed, when the Dutch people rejected EU Treaty vote in 2005 and even the French voters rejected it and M. Sarkozy has ignored this historical message.

The Eu is supposed to support its peoples and enable a Democracy and therefore public debates should be held in each country to educate everybody about the rights they are losing, before a referendum is held in each country.

We don’t want a Dictatorship, since going hard right or hard left is not Democracy and only causes trouble and hate between different groups. Surely we have enough trouble already without going down the road to cause more and as history as shown fear can easily drive people the wrong way and it takes decades to recover and see sense.

Everyone in Europe should have learned from two world wars and ethnic cleansing in Sebria/Grotia. Turkey will be an uphill struggle to change and will cause lots of political divides. Eastern Europeans have followed European graduates to the UK to find work and a easy benefit system.

This is making London the true capital of Europe and upsetting the French and German politicians. So how long will it take for all 27 countries to link their government systems and enable the sharing of data on everything that is required to make a European Union work.

Todate the examples shown by the French and Italians are not good, since lots of obstacles are in place to stop other Europeans just buying a house and getting work licenses, even though they should not exist. These Socialist governments put in every possible delay.

The UK Local Governments will produce their paperwork in what ever language is required so now we have 27 European and about 10 Asian countries.

European Commission has been unable to stop the French government giving financial backing to leading French companies that want to take over non-French companies anywhere in the world. This bad example is now being followed by other Western European countries, apart from Scandinavia and the UK.

The real problem is the US has been doing this for decades and it needs to stop and show a better form of doing Business Transactions. Also the majority of Europeans are against the way Patents are granted in the US without any consideration or communication with the rest of the world and therefore making WTO agreements hard work.

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