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Eu To Ban Incandescent Lamps Energy Saving And Exporting Good – The Eu Ban On Incandescent Lamps,

European Union Incandescent Ban into effect Sept. 1, as the domestic Energy Saving Lamp Producing provinces, Zhejiang, exports to the EU energy saving lamp market bullish. However, the short term will not be a “blowout” market.

Two years ago, the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has made the decision to ban incandescent. Under the plan, within two years the EU will gradually replace the high energy consumption with energy-saving lamps, old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, starting September 1 this year-round out of more than 100 watts incandescent, to December 31, 2012 out of all of the incandescent lamp.

Incandescent delisting means the expansion of energy-saving lamp market. Expansion of the positive in the EU market, already occupied a considerable share of enterprises in Zhejiang Province to eat, “the first saliva,” the possibility of great. Statistics show that Europe is now in use incandescent total of 4.2 billion, if all the change into the energy-saving lamps, Zhejiang Province Illumination Electrical enterprises, new market space is considerable. Lighting industry in Zhejiang province to the main energy-saving lamp production, production of 1.2 billion last year, accounting for more than one-third of national output, ranking first in the country. Nearly 70% of exports of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps, Zhejiang Province, the EU is the largest export market.

In the current Financial The context of the crisis, the European Union to ban incandescent lighting company in Zhejiang is more “immediate value.” Zhejiang Sunshine Group is Asia’s largest manufacturer of energy saving lamps, the first half of this year after shrinking by the impact of the international market, the company exports to the EU 176 million, down 21%. The company official said, exports to the EU about its Sell A quarter of total EU ban incandescent implemented, will help stabilize the market share of the company.

However, the European Union to phase out incandescent, energy-saving lamp industry in Zhejiang Province is only cautiously optimistic that the export good is not generally translate into “blowout” export market. Because the EU ban incandescent gradual approach is taken, beginning September 1 this year, banned for more than 100-watt incandescent, the light is mainly used for shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and other places, the family does not disable the use of incandescent light for the time being the list. More importantly, because since 2001, China’s exports to the EU energy saving lamp steadily rising, and has twice suffered the EU anti-dumping, circumvention of trade barriers such as “sniping”, after the ban incandescent, do not rule out the EU to continue to take trade barriers, export restrictions on energy-saving lamps in China.

Zhejiang enterprises in particular, the leading energy-saving lamp enterprises, it does not expect a “blowout” market. Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. Shangyu Yao Liang Yao-Liang Chen, General Manager, says that replace incandescent lamps with energy saving is a global trend, market expansion, the competition will become more intense, if not keep up with industry self-regulation, low-cost competition will make the whole industry collapse. Province Lighting Association Wengmao Yuan said that at present, the domestic energy-saving lamp industry has excess capacity, while the European and American markets with high technical barriers to building and every year, so Zhejiang enterprises, present, and strong is more pressing than the bigger proposition .

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