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Evesham’s History

Eveham is a place with lots of rich stories which you would not want to miss at the local pub. This town has seen so many things, from disputes, battles to disasters.


Evesham was the home of one of the worst battles to take place the Battle of Evesham. This battle is still talked about between many historians to this day. Some claim it may have been one of the worst battles of that time.


The Abby is actually part of a historical quirk. Evesham sits in the middle of a river loop. The city of Bengeworth sits on the other side of the river. During a battle, for the castle that is split by this river some of the knights got drunk. During this drunken spree, the knights damaged a couple of gravesites on the other side.


This gave the monks living in the Abby a reason to defend them. In the process of all of this, the castle was leveled. To this day, you can still see the after effects of this battle when you look at the layout of shops and streets.


The town has also seen its share of natural disaster. In 1998, the town was hit hard by the floods that came because of the River Avon overflowing its banks. Homes were swept away like a house of cards, which caused concern about the integrity of the Workman Bridge. Officials were worried with all of the homes becoming wedged in the bridges arches that the bridge would fail. In 2007 the town was hit hard again by record flooding. This time the flooding was even worse than it was nine years earlier. Through all of this, the town continues to thrive and prosper. It even in the last few years has started to become a visitor hot spot for foreign tourist.


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