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Flag poles and Flags – The Five Star Red Flag

National banners and flags are flown from flag poles all over the world. With the exception of one or two nations, each country has its own uniquely designed flag. Flags and banners have been around for years, centuries if not thousands of years.

For example, the Chinese national flag is obviously a flag that has been seen by many. Especially with the recent publicity in terms of the Olympics, the flag of China was flown from all kinds of flag poles throughout the world. This flag has a red colored field. The upper left portion of the Chinese national banner displays 5 stars, of which one is larger than the 4 others.

Interestingly, the red color on the background of the flag of China represents the revolution. The five stars stand for the people of China, which live under leadership of the Communist Party of China. This banner is also referred to as the 5 Star Red Flag.

Fascinatingly, there are a number of other national flags that also have a prevalent red colored field or background. A few of these flags, and like China, are under rule of a Communist type government. In the past, the USSR or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics flew a red colored flag. It also displayed a hammer crossed with a sickle and a red colored star in the upper left side of the USSR flag.

Many national and territorial banners and flags “rolled” into existence during the 19th and 20th century. The same applies to China. A design produced by Zeng Liansong was chosen from 38 designs by the ruling party at that time, following a competition. This all occurred following the Civil War of China, which started in 1927 and ended at some point during the 1940-s.

The then ruling leadership or Mao Zedong, hoisted and made the flag fly from a flagpole for the very first time back in 1949. It was during this same event that the Republic was first announced by Mao.

International flags of most countries are available for purchase for use with flag poles from many places in the United States of America. Make sure to learn how to fly a national banner from another nation in combination with the U.S. flag.

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