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Flags Of Different Countries – The Danish Flag

Most flags of different countries have a very unique history. Some have been flown from flag poles and displayed from buildings and such for centuries. The flag of Denmark is one such flag. In fact, historians claim this banner to be one of the oldest national flags in the world! Commonly known as the “Dannebrog,” this national banner displays a white cross and a red colored background.

Interestingly, this particular banner of Denmark was also flown by other countries, including Norway and Sweden, and other regions across the North Sea. Norway officially adopted its own banner back in 1821, some 2 centuries ago. The two flags resemble and only have minor differences.

Many flags around the world display a cross shaped sign on a colored background. In Europe, many national banners are tricolor type banners. Most of these national banners have stripes that are equal in width or height. There some exceptions however. As mentioned above, the Danish flag is one of the oldest national flags flown for flag poles today.

There has always been a struggle up to this point in time with regards to providing solid evidence to match the claim that Dannebrog was flown as early as it did (1200-1300-s). Historians do claim that evidence exists that mentions the display of the Dannebrog during the early years of the 15th century.

Much controversy exists when it comes to historic flag facts, especially with banners that are claimed to have been flown as early as the above mentioned time periods. Some historians claim to have evidence through means of images that could prove specifics with regards to the origin of the flag. Other evidence proves differently and often times the opposite. For example, the symbol that is recognized for Denmark was not consistent from a more foreign perspective… Whatever the facts may be, the Dannebrog sure is a beautiful flag with an appealing history to it.

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