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Flights To Cairo

Known as Um ad-Dunya or ‘Mother of the World’ by its 20 million residents, Cairo is a city that does not fail to astound visitors. The contrast in setting is unique to few cities in other parts of the world. While one end does justice to the arid desert one pictures it to be, the other end of Cairo is every bit a modern, bustling city. It is this mystique of the city that sees tourists pouring in aboard the numerous economical flights to Cairo.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and spans both banks of the Nile. A city in a country with a 10,000 year old heritage, Cairo not only encompasses antiquities from its vast history, but also possesses modern day luxuries in its midst. Cairo is also the largest city in the African continent!

Best Flights to Cairo and Exploring the City

The Cairo International Airport sees hundreds of flights to Cairo from both domestic and international carriers landing in its helm. Major airliners that can be booked to land in this city include the national carrier ‘Egypt Air’ apart from others like British Airways, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Air France, Emirates and others. Buses, taxis and the subway system available in the city will help get around. While local buses may be crowded, the ‘river bus’ is a unique mode of transport that travels on the Nile to get you to different places.

While at Cairo a must-visit is the Pyramids at Giza and the mysterious Sphinx. The ‘City of the Dead’ containing ancient tombs of Mameluke architecture, Bab El-Futuh, comprising mosques and palaces, the Egyptian museum and Coptic quarters are sights worth a visit. Shopaholics can witness paradise at street markets like Khan El- Kahlili, the Tentmakers bazaar and Wekalat al-Balaq, where shopkeepers sell items ranging from copper, marquetry boxes, blown glass objects, turquoise, spices, perfumes and much more. Some people take flights to Cairo to try out the local cuisine, particularly the dish ‘Koshray’ or simple pipe in sheesha (water pipe) at roadside cafes. Try flavors like apple, coconut or even Red Bull.

When it comes to stay, Cairo has a number of 4 and 5 star international hotels. Beaches and beach resorts are also found at the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea coasts. The best time to catch flights to Cairo and make the most of the city is during summer between April/May and September /October.

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