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Forex Hedge Fund Manager – How the Hedge Fund Managers Trade Forex?

Forex Hedge Fund Manager

You must have read Part I of how hedge fund managers trade forex. You need to understand that hedge fund managers are always on their nerve’s edge. They constantly look for strategies that work.

Hedge fund managers want to make good money while always keeping on their guard if things go bad, how to get out of a bad position before it really hurts. You as individual investors also want to bet your own hard earned money in the hope of making many pips.

You should decide whether you want to range trade or trend trade? Many hedge fund managers are trend following traders. If you want to become a trend trader than you need to become a master of predicting and anticipating trends in your favorite currency pairs. If you want to be a contrarian trader and range trade, than you should understand how to scalp.

You also need to decide the time frame that you will trade most. You should decide whether you will use the 5 min charts, 30 min charts, 4 hour charts , daily charts etc, and why.

Do you want to hold your position overnight or you are happy as a day trader? If you are in a job, do you have time to trade in the evening or the night and how much time you can spare? What time is best for you?

Learn the art of entry and exit. You will need to learn technical analysis for this. Technical analysis is essential for your success. Should it be multiple entry, multiple exits? Should it be single entry, single exit? Should it be multiple entries, single exit? Should it be single entry, multiple exits? Forex Hedge Fund Manager

You should learn money management principles in depth. It is good money management principles and their consistent application that will make you survive in the long run. Never ever try to put more than 3% of your equity at stake at one time. Understand how to calculate the reward/risk ratio for each trade. Never trade if the reward/risk ratio is below 3/1

Now, test drive the forex system by back testing and forward testing. Back testing can be done on Metatrader and other platforms. Forward test your strategies on a demo account.

Open a mini account and try to test it live with a small amount of money. This way you will not lose much money but will be playing against your emotions.

Ultimately trading is all about developing discipline and controlling emotions. You don’t get this feel in demo trading when you know nothing is at stake.

Now is the time to get intimate with your strategies. There are two main types of trading strategies, one has a high percentage of profitable trades in a number of trades and the other has a high profit factor per trade.

The key here is to know exactly what type of market environment your strategy performs well in and what type of market environment your strategy fails in, because only then will you know when it is time to pull the plug.

Understand how much drawdown you can afford on your trading account with this trading strategy. You can establish a bench mark figure using a back test. Decide before hand how much drawdown is acceptable before you pull the plug out of the trade.

The last step of thinking or trading like a hedge fund manager is self reflection. Often times we become so absorbed with trading that we do not notice the obvious.

This is why it is important to spend some time on a weekly or monthly basis to go over or reflect on your trading. You need to establish a certain ROI level for yourself and keep on tweaking your trading strategies until you start achieving that figure. Forex Hedge Fund Manager

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