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Get the Best Checking Accounts with top Online Banks

Checking accounts demand the customer to have a minimum balance in the account in order to avoid fees connected to transactions and monthly maintenance. Checking accounts also tend to have a couple of fees, such as ATM usage fees, overdraft protection, online access and bill paying still they are a hot favorite as they give you many other facilities that are not there in a savings account.

Top Online Banks for Checking accounts just before the month of July begins in 2011 is from Cathage Savings and Loan Association and their Online Banking services. They are offering a High Interest Checking account that is earning an APY of 2.05%. To open this account you must make a deposit of $ 25.

To obtain this APY your balance must be between $ 2,500 and $ 25,000. For balances below $ 2,500 the APY is 0.50% and above $ 25,000 the APY is 0.10%. Unfortunately this account is only available to the New York area residents.

The Incredible Bank is next on the list of top checking accounts. This account is earning an APY of 1.21% for all deposits below $ 250,000. Above that point the APY is 0.80%. The Incredible Bank is an online branch of the River Valley Bank which is located in Wisconsin and Michigan.

ING Direct is the next of the online banks that has a good return on your investing money with an APY of 1.15% on their checking account. This is on balances above $ 100,000. For balances between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 the APY is at 1.10%. For all balances below $ 50,000 the APY is only 0.25%.

The ING rates are still being advertised and the reflection from the buyout of this financial institution by Capital One has not yet been reflected publicly in their interest rates.

The currently advertised bank rates from Capital One are an APY of 1.10% for their checking accounts that have a balance above $ 1,000. There is also a 10% bonus rate when you maintain your balance above $ 10,000.

These are the Top Online Banks for Checking accounts for the end of June and beginning of July 2011.

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