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Hair Museum in Turkey

Widely known as one of the oddest museums in the world, hair museum in Avanos, Cappadocia, obviously appeals most of tourists arriving in Turkey. No longer famous for qualified earthenware, recently the town Avanos has attracted traveler’s attention with an odd hair museum founded by a talented potter Chez Galip. Established under pottery store, the museum is furnished with thousands of women’s hair samples, all of whom are visitors who want to leave their identity. Each of hair lock sample is attached with the owner’s name.

The museum is originated from the time that his best friend passed away 30 years ago, which made him extremely sad. As a token of friendship, she left her hair lock for Chez Galip. From then, every woman paying a visit left him a hair lock with the name. Till now, the figure of collection has reached over 16,000 different locks.

Hair museum in Avanos

In June and December every year, the first visitor is invited to choose top 10 lock “winners”. Ten owners of the prize will receive a free holiday for a week in Cappadocia. Besides, they have a chance to visit the pottery workshop. It’s considered as a token of gratitude to women who have left their hair to establish the No.1 museum.

The museum has a place in the Guiness Book of Records with more than 16,000 examples of participants.

Except floor, ceilings and walls of the cave are all decorated with hair.

This is a really dreadful museum

Variously colored locks are attached with the address of givers.

Do you want to leave your hair lock there?



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