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Handicap Lifts Simplify Travel

Getting from point A to point B in a vehicle is something that most of us take for granted. Individuals living with disabilities often struggle with this process and need outside help in order to get into and out of vehicles. Handicap lifts provide these individuals with greater independence and a more dignified way of getting into and out of vehicles.

When considering a mobility lift for your vehicle, you will find that you have many choices. Modern handicap lifts are designed for many types of vehicles and each type of lift includes unique features. To narrow down your list of options, it is important to consider several factors.

To begin with, it is important to know that handicap lifts have varying weight capacities. Determine if you need a lift to accommodate your wheelchair or scooter, or if you need a lift that will accommodate both wheelchair or scooter and its occupant at the same time. Using the weight of your mobility device or the total weight of your mobility device plus the occupant’s weight, you will be able to find a lift that can accommodate your needs.

Dual-post lift systems tend to have higher weight capacities than single-post lift systems. There are numerous manufacturers and lift designs currently on the market. Talk with a professional mobility dealer to learn about the weight capacities of designs that work well with your vehicle.

Many lift systems are designed to be used on specific types of vehicles. For instance, if you own a sedan, you will have far less options when it comes to what types of lifts you’ll be able to equip your vehicle with. Minivans, full-size vans, and SUVs give you the most options when it comes to handicap lifts.

With larger vehicles, it is possible to install lift systems on the rear entry or side entry of the vehicle. Determining where you would like the lift system installed is another important consideration. For disabled drivers, it is ideal to install a side-entry lift system for easy access to the front driver’s seat. Rear-entry lifts systems are less expensive and are ideal for disabled passengers who will sit in the rear seats during travel.

An advantage of rear-entry lifts is that that you will be able to park your vehicle anywhere and still allow a disabled individual easy entry and exit from the vehicle. Side-entry lifts will require that you park in a handicap space so that there is plenty of room to the side of the vehicle for entry and exiting purposes.

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