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History Of Bing

Bing was introduced by the Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009. It was launched fully on the internet June 3, 2009 however a preview version of it was launched earlier. In 2009 Microsoft and yahoo signed a deal according to which Bing will provide the Search results for the Yahoo search. Before the Bing was introduced the search engine was named as Live search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search. MSN Search was first launched in 1998, at that time they depend upon the search results from In 1999 it also used the search results from the for a short time period. In September 11 2006, Microsoft introduced a new search engine which was named as Windows Live Search.This search engine replaced the old version called MSN Search. This engine was more powerful and easy to use then the MSN search as it contains tabs naming Web, news, images, videos, music, desktop, local and Windows Encarta.

These tabs help the user to find the targeted information faster than any other search engine. With this roll over, a few other changes were also made in the engine such as they terminated their contract with the pic search which was the image search provider for their previous search engine.Windows Live Search was fueled by their own image search algorithms. On July 29, 2009 yahoo and Bing made a 10 year deal according to which yahoo will replace its search engine with Bing. As a result, yahoo will keep the 88% revenue of all the advertisements for the first five years. Moreover they will also get the right to sell the advertisements on some of the other Microsoft web sites. But this does not mean that yahoo will close its interface. Yahoo will maintain its interface but will keep a branding of powered by Bing.

The features of Bing which made it unique among the others are as follows. The background of the web site changes daily. The background consists of images of peoples, animals and sports along with some of the other images as well. Images page shows the from that day. It includes a navigation pane on the left side of the page which shows result pages, related searches and prior searches. It also shows sub links within the articles which help the users greatly. Bing provide a Enhanced View due to which a third party information can be viewed.

Bing also displays the customer service number on the page in case if the customers want to contact the company for some other information, suggestion or complaints. Bing provide a video thumbnail preview which means that when the mouse cursor is pointed on the thumbnail the video starts on its own. Bing also facilitates the customers to adjust settings for their videos. Bing also provide the facility of instant answers. By using this facility the customers can get instant answers for their queries relating to sports, finance, math health and other fields also. Bing is a great tool for users and helps a lot if a person wants to widen its search results.