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History of the Middle East

The Middle Eastern civilization is one of the earliest civilizations in history. The beginning of the Middle Eastern civilization started around the year three thousand BC in Mesopotamia (known as Iraq) with the widely known civilizations; the Sumerians civilization, Babylonians civilization, Akkadians civilization and Assyrians civilization. Along with the Nile river valley where the Ancient Egyptian civilization started and where the recently know country of Egypt is now located.

The next civilization to be known across the Middle East was know under the name of the Ottoman Empire. In between there were the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was the last huge civilization that united the countries of the Middle East as one. All were ruled under the same Sultan from the early 15th century until 1918 when the empire was down. All the Middle Eastern countries were states that belong the big and united Ottoman Empire under the rule of the Sultan who was located in the capital city of the Empire in Istanbul, Turkey.

Throughout the Middle Eastern history, the countries where invaded by some of the European countries. As an example, Egypt was invaded by the French, the English and the Israeli. Libya was invaded by the Italians. Algeria was invaded also by the French. So the Arab world was really exposed to different cultures and civilizations. This has positively affected the culture of the Middle Eastern countries in every and each aspect of their lives. Of course when you are influenced by some culture for so many years you will start to notice some of the changes this culture is making in your own culture. The food will slightly change in the process and the human to human relation will have some changes as well! That is how the nature goes.

Although some might think the Arab world is so behind the new technologies and modern live, this is actually very wrong. The Arab world is so very civilized is so many aspects and ways and is constantly exposed to the busy life of the modern world. They no longer live in tents in the desert and traveling along with horses and camels as some has the impression of that. This method of living has been changed over two hundred years ago, and though the western countries are still under the impression that this how the life in the Middle East is, which is of course is very wrong.

A brief summary about the history of the countries of the middle east from the starting civilizations in history until the modern world in the countries of the Middle East.

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