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Hotels In Rimini

Rimini is a resort town in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is a medium-sized city located on the Adriatic sea on the coast between the Marecchia river and the Ausa, and is populated by 142,579 inhabitants. Rimini has the most famous seaside resorts in Europe, earning it the nickname the Miami of Europe, with its long sandy beaches, over a thousand hotels, and plenty of bars, restaurants and discos. Rimini is the hometown of the famous film director Federico Fellini and is also known as a city of art filled with Roman and Renaissance monuments.
Apart from its lavish resorts and its posh shopping strips, Rimini also has plenty of historical sites and landmarks, as well as a host of other activities and attractions to offer.
History buffs may want to visit the Augustus Arch, which is a Roman arch erected to celebrate the Roman emperor for whom it was named, there is also the Domus of the Surgeon which is majestic archeological area which documents 20 centuries of Riminis history, and the Federico Fellini Museum which covers everything thats related to the famous film directors life and career.
Those looking for architectural marvels may want to drop by the famous Tempio Malatestiano, which is the cathedral church of Rimini, officially named for St. Francis. It took its name from Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta who commissioned its reconstruction around 1450. The Tiberius Bridge (or the Ponte di Tiberio in Italian) is also one of Riminis well known attractions. The bridge has five semicircular arches which span an average length of 8 meters. The construction of the bridge started during Augustus reign and was completed under Tiberius reign. The inscription on the structure reads as given by both emperors
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