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How to terminate or revoke the general power of attorney

Once the principal (creator of document) signs the document of general power of attorney it becomes effective from that moment onwards. The legal document is operative until the principal dies or changes the power of attorney. This article tells you how to change the POA or how to terminate the power given to the agent.

Before discussing about the termination of power, let me tell you under what circumstances you may need to terminate the power given to the agent.

If you appointed agent moves to other country there is no meaning in continuing with the same agent since he may not be available for help when you need him. Suppose your representative may change his character due to sudden loss or may be he is sentenced to jail for some illegal procedure or fined by court due to some violations of rule, then it is time to change the agent. It is not advisable to continue with the same person who is found guilty by courts.

You can revoke the general power of attorney document by making it invalid by two methods. First you can destroy the original document after informing your agent. Second you can create a fresh document by giving power to another agent. The moment you sign a fresh document the earlier document becomes inoperative. You can also give in writing that you have revoked or terminated the power given to such person from such date.

In some states, it is mandatory to appoint a conservator or guardian for the principal if the POA is terminated. In such situation, you can name your spouse or family member as your guardian until you create another document.

The general power of attorney also gets terminated if you have specified some time limit while creating the document. Some people will also include clauses stating if specific event happens the power gets automatically terminated. In such cases, the document becomes invalid.

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