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India Travel Guide

India is seen by many people as a mystical paradise, the diverse and huge country offers so much to the intrepid explorer. The culturally rich country is a world of contrast, from rich to poor, from palace to slum. The breadth of contrast in the nation is as startling as the landscape. The high snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas exist in the same country as the deserts of Thar. It is a place that you will never forget.

Home to more than one billion people the continent charges with the buzz of all these people. The cities are incredibly crazy and the driving is even scarier, cars are laden with as many goods they can carry if not more. The regal buildings and palaces stand out above the bustling streets surrounding their gates and the noise rises above even the highest minarets.

The main religion is Hinduism and the cow is sacred, which can lead to interesting moments as sometimes cows are allowed to wonder freely throughout the cities. As well as cows there are many stray dogs wondering around the country.

The secret garden, a favourite children’s book illustrates how many people perceive India but in truth the cities are more raucous and the countryside even more charming than the book’s portrayal.

You see many people standing outside in the sun, talking about cricket, politics and the latest escapades of Bollywood stars. The street food is some of the best in the world, with a variety of curries and other regional dishes. You can see the delicious food cooked in front of you fresh and hot. Just add sunshine and a bench and you have the perfect recipe for a brilliant meal.

The people in the country are incredibly generous and you will meet generosity along the way. The country is a great holiday for everyone, from bargain backpacker to luxury seekers. Transport in the country is cheap as well thanks to the public transport network. You can stay in anything from a palace to a hut on the beach.

It is startling to see the British building styles of the colonial powers standing against the opulent Indian styles. The country has moved a long way since the days of the East India Trading Company, and new architectural have evolved. One of the best examples of modern Indian architecture is the Bahai temple in New Delhi. Other excellent examples of the new phase in the development of the country can be seen at Institute of Indology in Ahmedabad and the Asiad Village in New Delhi.

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Jane Shelley is an Australian travel writer. She loves venturing to Asia, Europe, Britain and the United States.

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