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Indian intended parent and Intended parents from other countries

India due to economicaly less costlier and felxible IVF and surrogacy law is now the preferred destination for the tourists for mdical tourism and Infertility treatment, who opt for IVF or surrogacy to fulfil their dreams of motherhood. The ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India) guidelines provide a very encouraging picture for the these tourists. The ICMR guidelines makes no actual distinction between an ‘Indian Intended Parents’ and an ‘intended parents from other countries.’ So with these advantages India is fast adaptation to newest scientific advancements happening in the medical field worldwide, India as one of the most favoured destination for cost effective medication in the whole world.

Indian Intended Parents encounter very minimal complexities compared to Intended Parents from other nations. Parents who would wish to take up surrogacy as their option should pay attention to issues such as, counseling to the surrogates and themselves, surrogacy agreement, agreements entered with the hospital, agreements with surrogates with regard to financial aspect, etc.

The Indian laws with regard to surrogacy have not yet been enacted and the only regulatory measure is the “National Guidelines for Accreditation, Supervision and Regulation of Art Clinics in India, 2005″ by the ICMR, Government of India. Though these guidelines do not have legal binding, they are regulatory measures, which are to safeguard the rights of the Intended Parents, Surrogates as well as the hospitals. Being the Indian Nationals, the Intended Parents are completely bounded by the Indian Laws.

The usual problems faced by the reproductive tourist are with regard to the post delivery complications in taking the child back to their own nation. But India is still the best destination for IVF and surogacy treatents. We at Delhi IVF help you at all level to make it easy for you and make sure that you have no problem relatde to any leagl issues.

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