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IRS Issues Guidance on PTIN Renewal Additions & Aptitude

Renewal PTIN – PTIN renewal shall be one calendar year. Therefore, the current record PTIN expires December 31, 2011.

* The period of renewal begins October 1, 15, 2011, and must be completed before January 1, 2012.

* User Fees Renewal: $ 64.50

* The renewal can be completed: Online – Go to search and PTIN or use the form W-12

* Requirements:

Unlicensed preparers – A coach who is not a CPA, EA, or attorney may be renewed for 2012, with no requirement for continuing education or fit testing. The IRS refers to this as a provisional PTIN. In addition, holders of a provisional PTIN can not use the registered tax preparer Back (RTRP) designation. This product can only be used until after passing the fit test.

CPA, EAS, and Lawyers – Renewal is available for those in good standing of their appointment.

Provisional PTIN – The IRS will continue to publish provisional PTIN until at least April 18, 2012. Provisional PTIN PTIN is issued to unauthorized tax preparers who have not passed the qualifying examination. Once the IRS stopped issuing provisional PTIN tax preparers who are required to complete the proof of competence or ability required to successfully complete these requirements prior to obtaining a PTIN.

Required for permanent education – For RTRP or holder of a provisional PTIN renew their registration in 2013, the individual has met the requirement of IRS 15 hours of continuing education. Thus, all RTRP and holders of provisional PTIN complete 15 hours of IRS-mandated training between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012, before they can register again.

Fitness Test – Although compatibility testing is planned for this fall, no specific date is available at the time. It is expected that the test is 2-3 hours in length, contains approximately 120 questions, and is an open book, a copy of Pub 17 A fingerprint background check and FBI are integrated into the process. Tests will be available in 260 Promatic structures at national level. User fees are the fingerprints of about $ 60 and $ 90, and the trial is expected to cost between $ 100 and $ 125 (NPRM REG-116284-11).


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