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Kayak Care

If you are planning to get one kayak or have bought one, it pays to know the basics of kayak care. Kayaking is a favored sport these days and investing in one good piece is greatly appreciated. Kayaks are fun and sports tool so it must be properly maintained to enjoy it to its fullest.

Taking care of your kayak is a small task compared to the length of time and amount of fun it could give to you and the rest of the family.  Here are some basic tips on kayak care:


Clean the kayak before keeping. Never put away the kayak unless it is thoroughly cleaned. Upon coming from the sea, check the kayak for salty water. Remove even a small amount. Salt water can turn into crystals in your boat. Salt crystal poses a great danger to the kayaks. They can corrode the screws and the pulleys in your boat if it is not properly removed. When your boat has corroded screws and pulleys, the structure of the boat is greatly damaged. In order to have the proper kayak care, get rid of the salt water by washing the boat thoroughly with fresh water.
Clean the insides of the boat. Empty the boat. Remove all the things inside the boat including the seats, straps, and hatch lids. Pull the plug to drain all of the water inside the boat. This can take care of all the bugs, too. Remove all the water by hosing water to eliminate the dirt from the kayak, before wiping it down with a sponge. The next step is to rinse thoroughly.
Clean the outside covering of the kayak. Turn the kayak over for total kayak care. Use a sponge to wipe the boat’s surface. Do this until all the scum or mold and other residue coming from the water is removed. Do not use any kind of soap. Use fresh and tap water.
Dry the kayak thoroughly. This is the most important part of cleaning. Before storing the kayak in safe place, make sure it is dry. Damp kayaks causes mold. Stand the kayak upright. This will let the excess water away from the boat. Wipe the kayak with a soft cloth.
Keep the boat indoors to protect it from the elements. If there aren’t space inside, acquire a storage cover or hang it up for complete kayak care. There are kayak protector articles available in your favorite sport shop.


Taking care of your kayak does not necessarily end here. You have to inspect your boat once in a while and check for some rust and leaks. Mend the small cracks at once before it becomes a major problem in the near future. Kayaks have to be regularly given attention so you will spend more fun when you use it again. Before the winter comes, examine your boat and make sure it is located in a safe place. After doing all these steps in kayak care, relax and wait for summer. Then you can spend time kayaking with the whole family.

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