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Last Minute Deals ? The Indian Meal

Indian meals can be purchased by exploiting last minute deals, but just what does the title mean? What is Indian cuisine?


Those gaining all the advantages from using last minute deals, would do well to do some research regarding the basics of Indian cuisine.


The term Indian cuisine actually refers to cooking techniques and ingredients that originate on the Indian subcontinent. And even though those cooking techniques and ingredients have been transported to all corners of the globe – and have been infused into Australian cooking to produce varied and exciting menus – the basics stay the same.


Indian cuisine is fundamentally based on a collection of vegetables, herbs and spices. This follows a strong tradition of vegetarianism throughout the country. And although Indian dishes are created for meat and fish, the tradition in many regions is to rely on vegetables, exploiting the country’s cultural background and fertile lands.


But India is a vast country. And the cuisines do vary from region to region which means that anyone who is planning last moment deals, should consider the various branches of Indian cooking, and not just stick to what they know. And they should be aware that much of the cooking techniques and ingredients have been subtlety altered to match the host country’s tastes and culture. For example, chicken is a top ingredient for many Indian dishes that are not said to be indigenous, whereas back in India, this meat would not be so freely available.


Those people hunting deals at the last time of the bidding process, won’t be particular concerned over such nuances, but they also shouldn’t be afraid of trying new Indian styles of cuisine. Food, like most things in modern day life, can be faddy, and fashions and trends come and go with sometimes alarming speed.


Religion also plays a major part in Indian cuisine and Hinduism’s especially has led to a number of different influences and cultural markers. Historically the cuisine developed rapidly outside of India because not only of emigration following colonial times, but because of the spice trades between India and other parts of the East, and also Europe and the America’s. Spice was for many centuries a currency which was sometimes as valuable as gold. The massive trade which took place around the globe in spices naturally spread the actual cooking in which they played a central part.


And Indian cooking has proved an all-conquering force, with the curry house and curry dishes effectively taking over a country’s traditional cuisine and causing a welcome fusion of flavours.


Last minute deals on Indian food are worth hunting down, because they offer the lucky recipient a cuisine which is not only full of flavour and goodness, but one which is also steeped in a fine history.



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