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Last minute flights

Normally, people plan their tours well in advance. They take care to book their tickets, book the accommodation well in advance because they do not want to incur any inconvenience in their tour. But, sometimes circumstances do arise when they have to travel immediately or finalize the tour at the eleventh hour. This could be due to official emergency or even personal emergency like sickness of a person etc. In such cases people make last minute flights.

How to look ‘last minute flights’:

In the normal course, airlines will be announcing on their websites, the details of seats booked on their various flights, number of seats available, rate etc. Generally, this information is available about two weeks in advance from the date of departure. The purpose of this announcement is only to make their website as informative as possible and this is also viewed as an attempt by the airlines to get the remaining seats also booked. As the flying days draw nearer, the airlines starts offering discounts on those tickets which are not yet booked or sold. Many of the frequent fliers will start taking advantage of such discount offered by the airlines.

When you browse, click on the date of your departure and on the place where you are boarding the flight and also enter the details of the destination. Now, the website will provide details of various airlines where such last minute flights are still open. Now, after comparing the rates offered by the different airlines you can book the Last minute ticket online. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes.

There are numerous websites which are dedicated to Last minute flight booking. These website provide exhaustive information of the tickets available and other relevant information so that the flier can decide on buying the ticket from any particular airline.

Some frequent fliers also say that after zeroing on any particular airlines, the traveler can even call on the airline and find out if further discounts, apart from what is already posted on the net are available. They say that some of the airlines, (sometimes even the well established airlines) will provide some more discounts, which is in addition to what is posted on the net. By this method, the flier will be able to save substantial amount. Sometimes, the discounts are more than 50%, depending on the destination, class of flight etc. Those who book round trip tickets on last minute flights will save substantial amount.

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