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Learn About Fusion Maps

Maps have always been the source of reference and navigation throughout the ages. In the modern world of electronics and computing, one may hardly need the traditional text maps for navigation. Various software, together with integrated scripts provide all sorts of maps using which, one can find any frontier of this world through these online maps. Thus the entire world can be incorporated in these FusionMaps. All cities and towns can be traced with exact accuracy and with correct geographical information.
Fusion Maps were previously known as PowerMaps. They form a collection of vector mapping system providing exact geographical locations and divisions. Thus they are widely used in website applications and for other related services. These maps are provided through XML and thus are capable of providing data. They can be easily incorporated in websites within few minutes and doesnt require any modification of the source code. FusionMaps can be used to create highly animated, beautiful and unique flash maps. They are data-driven and are available for web applications. They can be integrated with various forms of scripts like the CF, ASP, JSP, PHP, ASP.NET etc. These maps can be resized, customized and they also provide terrain and hybrid information of the places located in them. FusionMaps have high visual graphic interface and also have associated shading effects. They are available both in the 2D interface and 3D as well, have the ability to dynamically orient their size and support pop-up window interface.
FusionMaps are used for a variety of purposes. The chief among them are for statistical use, pertaining to human population distribution and development. They are used for survey, finding geographical terrains along with business and real-estate plots.
There are various advantages and utility of using FusionMaps. They are supportable to a variety of platforms thus can be used by anyone irrespective of their platform. They are very simple to install and are very easy to use. There is no need of any prior experience to use FusionMaps. It also provides a wide variety of maps, almost 180 types and thus can be easily chosen from. Finally they can be integrated with JavaScript thereby making them the most widely and enormously used maps to support flash maps.

Dips Dixon is a self-published author on PHP, Flash graphs and other charts for web applications. In this article he has given us a brief insight into the highlights of Fusion Maps.