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Losing Car Keys Is Not Like It Used To Be

Twenty-five or 30 years ago, if you lost your car keys, you probably knew someone who knew someone who could hot-wire your car for you, but those days are gone. Car-makers have worked hard to make cars harder to steal, and insurance companies reward drivers of cars with various theft-deterring technologies. Key systems today are complicated enough that even an experienced car thief has trouble stealing a car.

The problem is, when you lose your car keys in Chicago today, getting a new set isn’t as simple as having a new key cut. You need a Chicago locksmith with experience replacing today’s transponder keys. These keys have to be programmed properly or they will not work, and not all locksmiths can make them. Around half of the cars on the road today require some sort of computer-programmed key to start.

Today’s drivers also deal with the possibility of having a key that doesn’t turn, or a key that breaks. You don’t want just anyone helping you out if you are in this vulnerable situation. You want an automotive locksmith who is certified, bonded, and insured, and who has the experience and skill necessary to replace your keys and get you rolling again as quickly as possible. The bonus of having such a locksmith on-call is that you can get transponder keys replaced for far less money than at most dealerships.

Your car dealer may tell you that you have to get a spare cut by the dealer, but except in very rare instances, that is not the case. It doesn’t matter if you need Lexus keys, Ford transponder keys, Honda keys, or what have you, a properly qualified locksmith can replace your lost car keys much more quickly than a dealer, and do it cheaper. Once a locksmith arrives at your car, you’ll be back on the road in a few minutes.

Properly certified automotive locksmiths will own blank computer chip keys or transponder keys in their mobile locksmith shops, and they can create a duplicate for you, wherever you may be. Each car has a different electronic code, and the locksmith’s blank allows the locksmith to program the correct electronic codes into the blanks so that they work with your car and no other.

Of course, the best time to get an extra transponder key made for your car is before you need it. Kept in a separate pocket, or kept by your travel partner, you have an extra layer of security should you and your keys become separated. And if you get a key made ahead of time, it will give you a chance to check out your locksmith’s service and professionalism and determine if you’re satisfied. If so, program their number into your phone, and you’ll be able to get help quickly should you need their services in the future.

While you’re at it, you might consider getting spare keys made for your wife, son, daughter, mother, or anyone else you wouldn’t want stuck somewhere without having a replacement car key handy.

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