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Magazines – Lifestyle Magazine


All of us read magazines to gain information related to a broad variety of subjects, products, services or issues; as well as for entertainment. A lot of people are fond of reading and they regularly read magazines at their home or in a library. Many people also browse through magazines whenever they are free; or just to pass their spare time, for example while travelling.

We often have to wait at reception areas in various places such as offices, hotels, airports, beauty salons, health centers etc. During this free time people may watch television, listen to music or look through the magazine of their choice. Nowadays, many magazines are published at regular periods and contain different types of articles for both men and women readers.

Magazines are usually sold and distributed at news stands, book shops; supplied through vendors; or delivered by mail at residential and commercial places. There is a fixed price for a single issue of any magazine. However, subscribing for a magazine on a yearly basis is comparatively cheaper and more convenient.

Lifestyle Magazine

A lifestyle magazine is an ideal source for detailed and specific information related to a wide range of topics that include beauty, family, health, fashion, entertainment etc. They also provide a closer view of many social issues and the life in general. Readers of such magazines can thus make significant decisions related to their choice of life.

This lifestyle magazine is basically targeted towards the upper class people and is both highly informative and very entertaining. It is usually connected with fairly expensive products such as exotic jewelry, costly automobiles, personal beauty, luxurious real estate, private aircrafts, valuable watches, exclusive yachts etc. Also certain high end services like travel, star hotels, music, luxury resorts, interior decoration, health care, clubs etc.

A large section of readers are greatly influenced by these luxury magazines, since they match their rich taste and modern outlook. Certain editions of such publication may not be available directly on the shelf. They are circulated privately and sold either by subscription or through membership of the related club or association.

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