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Make a List for Spring Travel


Do you hear the footsteps of spring? Yes, the romantic and warm spring season is coming. In this beautiful season, the very first thing comes to people’s minds is to have a spring break and to enjoy the beauty, romance and relaxation that are exclusive to this spring season. However, you do need some necessary articles if you want to have a wonderful and romantic spring season. Then, today, I want to help you to make a list of these articles.
Sunscreen cream is the very first article that should be included in this list. As we all know, the sunshine is stronger and stronger as the spring season is nearer and nearer. Then, our skin that is exposed outside needs a kind of protection. The sunscreen scream is always the first choice. Most of women prefer to carry a type of sunscreen cream at anytime and anywhere.
A type of fashionable bags whether handbag, shoulders bag, shoulder bag or clutch bag is a must, especially for women. As a woman, she always has some small articles such as a little mirror, cosmetic container, lipstick and so on, to carry. Then, a bag becomes a must naturally. For example, in this spring season, Chanel has released several types of fashionable, beautiful as well as exquisite bags for women who are pursuing fashion, charm and elegance. Among which, I personally think the leather cross body bag is quite suitable for a spring travel.
Then, a suit of swimwear is also very necessary. In many tourist destinations, it will provide the swimming service so as to let the tourists enjoy a portion of cool. Thus, you absolutely need to prepare a suit of fashionable, fitted as well as sexy swimwear.
Besides, some medicines for emergency are also very important. For example, some people have motion sicknesses, such as seasickness, carsickness, airsickness and so on. Then, you need some medicines. In the meantime, you also need some cold medication in case of seasonal transition inadaption.
The last but not the least, a pair of sunglasses and a hat had better be included into this list. It is also out of the protection aspect. In the strong sunshine, our eyes need protection, too. Then, a pair of sunglasses is also a must. Meanwhile, a hat, to a great extent, can give a better protection for our face skin.
Of course, the spring travel list that I make is just a small part. You may have your own list. Then, can you tell us what articles are contained in your list?

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