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Montreal travel guide

Introduction of Montreal

Montreal is one of Canada’s largest and most popular city, is geographically as close to the European coast as to Vancouver, and in look and feel it combines some of the finest aspects of the two continents. This is also the second-largest French-speaking metropolis after Paris. Montréal is also innovative and invigorating, offering a whirlwind of cultural creations, both traditional and modern.

It is a unique city offering a vibrant night-life and several world-renown restaurants, bar clubs and lounges. The city is also a favorite destination for avid shoppers. It is a wonderful city offering a unique living experience from anything else in the world. Montreal is an enormous metropolis and the second-biggest city in the whole of Canada, known for its friendly atmosphere and ambiance, historical architecture and lavish churches, enormous shopping malls and top restaurants. One of Montreal’s most surprising features is the ‘Underground City’ which is a vast network of tunnels, shops, hotels, cinemas and business, protected from the cold winter weather extremes.

No matter what you are looking for, outdoor/indoor attractions, music, dance, culture, great food, nice people, beautiful scenery or quiet tranquil moments, you can find it all in this wonderful city of Montreal. It will astound you with all its beauty and impress you with all it has to offer.


Montreal is a great city in all 4 seasons (yes, there are actually all four), and each one brings new, fun and interesting things to do and see. The climate of Montreal is varied and seasonal, with wet, warm summers and cold, snowy winters. In winter snowfall is abundant, and snow is common both in spring and autumn. Temperatures well below freezing are experienced in winter, and the bitter weather is exacerbated by wind chill.

Montreal experiences very cold, snow-covered winters, the sub-zero temperatures made to feel even more bitterly cold because of the wind chill factor. Snowfall averages seven foot (2m) a year and snow often occurs in autumn, and can linger well into spring. Summer weather in Montreal brings plenty of sunny days, interspersed with a good deal of wet ones, with a measure of humidity and mild to warm temperatures. An enjoyable aspect of the climate of Montreal is the autumn heat waves, known as ‘Indian summers’, which are common.

Summer brings sunshine and pleasant days, with high humidity on occasion, although highs seldom exceed 74°F (25°C). Rain can be expected any time of year in Montreal, but summer tends to be the wettest season. A feature of the climate of Montreal is the possibility of late autumn heat waves, enjoyed as ‘Indian summers’, which frequently occur.

Attraction of Montreal

Montreal is one of Canada’s largest and most popular city, is geographically as close to the European coast as to Vancouver. It is a unique city offering a vibrant night-life and several world-renown restaurants, bar clubs and lounges. It is a wonderful city offering a unique living experience from anything else in the world.

There are many great ways for tourists to properly explore attractions and sight seen in Montreal.

Montreal Jazz Festival: The Montreal International Jazz Festival offers about 500 concerts which three-quarters are free of charge, and hosts about 2000 musicians from over 20 countries, about 2 million visitors visit an event that has become the international jazz rendezvous Montreal International Jazz Festival.

The Underground City: The most famous aspect of shopping in Montreal is the Underground City. The city which links many major buildings, multilevel shopping malls in the area, huge range of goods and services as well as a handy way to get from place to place without weather or traffic problems.

Mount Royal: Mount Royal, best known for landscaping New York’s Central Park. From the beautifully appointed lookout terrace, downtown Montreal is at your feet with a view to the river and beyond to the Monteregian Hills. You can picnic here and more than a few minutes from downtown Montreal and its many restaurants.

Atwater Market: This market has both indoor and outdoor sections. Aside from fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers, you have your choice of a wide variety of commodities from specialty shops selling delicious baked goods to butchers and fishmongers; La From agerie boasts more than 400 types of cheese from France and Quebec.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: One of the best in Montreal is the Montreal Museum of Fine arts. With a collection of over thirty-three thousand objects, ranging from ancient historical artifacts to contemporary art.

Nightlife of Montreal

Montreal loves its night life as it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a connoisseur, a party goer, or just want to meet new people, you’ll find it here. Montreal’s night life finishes at 3am, but you’ll find plenty of after hour’s clubs in the city if you’re not ready to call it a night. The legal drinking age is 18.

Pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars—Montreal has everything you need for a fabulous night on the town. From karaoke to live music to exotic dancers. Montreal is world famous for its nightlife, and offers the full range of options, from the mst upscale to the most low budget bars. No matter what your scene, there is something for you.

One popular area for bars and nightlife is Rue St. Laurent, which is especially filled with dance clubs and upscale bars. The Rue Crescent area also tends to be very active and popular at night.

On St-Denis, right above Rue Ste-Catherine, you’ll find a plethora of bars with great outdoor terrasses (patios). St-Sulpice and St-Ciboire (infamous for its apple beer) have two of the largest terrasses in the area and fill up quickly on the weekends. In the same vicinity, you’ll also find a great jazz bar called Beebop on the corner of St-Denis and Ontario. All are great choices if you just want to sit and people watch, or if you feel like getting drunk enough to puke on the sidewalk.

There is much more to nightlife in Montreal than just bars and dance clubs.  As one of the largest cities in Canada, there are plenty of well-known performers and not-so-well-known musicians playing around the city on any given night, and in winter, there is always a Montreal Canadians game to consider taking in.

Lifestyle of Montreal

Montreal boasts a safe and clean urban environment of living. Whether you’re walking, biking skateboarding or roller skating, everything is cool in the lifestyle of Montreal. The city and local organizations offer all kinds of sports and physical fitness activities for all ages, both open and organized. Unlike other cities in Québec, Montréal has 30 professional sports clubs and 20 high-performance training centers.

Montreal area residents and visitors are able to enjoy a wide range of activities both, traditional as well as contemporary. This jewel of a city is well known for its diversity. City life in Montreal is fast and exciting with many of the city’s main companies being concentrated in Montreal’s modern downtown district where skyscrapers and high-rise living is commonplace.

Montreal is good for singles or young families with children, especially in regard to schools and parks and activities that feed the soul. You can find everything here, close at hand. Nowhere else is there such a wide range of housing options to suit any budget or lifestyle. Family life in Montréal is so much simpler… and yes… it is affordable!

All in all the lifestyle is not extravagant but pleasantly low key and very low stress.

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