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New York Liquor License Restrictions

The New York Liquor State Authority works diligently to ensure the residents of New York are protected. This involves issuing restrictions to particular places or people who apply for a New York liquor license. Different restrictions exist so it is helpful for merchants applying for a liquor license to either research these restrictions or hire an experienced attorney.

Restrictions on the type of people who may obtain a New York liquor license apply to people who possess criminal convictions. Any person convicted of a felony in the state of New York, including a felony DWI, is prohibited from receiving a liquor license. This also goes for people who committed a felony crime in other states. Persons with misdemeanors on their record from sections 230.20 and 230.40 will also be denied a liquor license.

Age of course is one of the obvious restrictions New York will implement in those wanting to obtain a liquor license. All applicants must be 21 years of age or older. In order to be granted a liquor license, applicants must be a US citizen or at least have permanent alien resident status. Additionally, the applicants cannot be anyone who has the authority to arrest another.

Locations are also restricted when it comes to issuing a New York liquor license. No liquor license will be issued to establishments which are within 200 feet of certain other types of establishments. These places include a school, synagogue, church, or any other place of worship. This is done to protect the young people today as well as keep any potential drunken scenes far from sacred areas.

Compliance restrictions are also applied in New York for a liquor license. This area deals with the age limit required to serve alcoholic beverages in a restaurant. The person must be at least 18 years of age in order to provide customers with alcoholic beverages. This same restriction applies to persons selling alcohol in grocery type settings. All cashiers must be a minimum of 18 years old.

The purchase of alcohol over the Internet and subsequent shipping also has certain restrictions. According to the New York liquor license law, a company may sell wine or beer over the Internet. However, it must be shipped through trucking or delivery companies which hold the appropriate permits.

Many other restrictions apply to obtaining and holding a New York liquor license. These can be found on the New York State Liquor Authority website or help can be obtained by many attorneys who are familiar with these regulations.

We practice Corporate and Business Law. However, given that such a large portion of our clients are restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs, we decided to develop of niche specialty in liquor licensing. So about 2/3 of our practice is now New York Liquor Licensing. Argilio Rodriguez, Esq. is the Founder and Principal Attorney at The Rodriguez Law Firm.

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