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Searchlight of Discovery

The need for discovery illuminates knowledge and understanding that lead to wisdom of invention. Justice can never be brought to issue to which light had not been thrown. Ambiguity is a shadow covering to influence the judgment passed on a matter. Shadowy case seeks insight for accuracy needed in establishing value to which it is a variable. Light corrects to give exact frame to undo falsehood incorporated in the dark. Productivity is enhanced by the provision of conducive environment. The environment becomes friendly to cater for inherent problems, such as visibility. The clarity caused is evidence that ignorance has been undone. This is because light has been invested with the power of manifestation.

Light regulates image into focus to give the vision – illumination causes sensation of vision. The picture caught is appearance of image seen according as had been revealed. Detailed presentation calls attention to observation that is comprehensive enough for any of its applications. Light searches the hideouts to expose the object of concern. Nakedness is uncovered by the removing of weight acquired by falsehood. Brightness determines sharpness which is the function of light introduced.

Light makes privy to the secrets of the hidden and darkened places. The striking light informs suddenly of something unnoticed. Treasures are located and explored by the light. There is flourishing by the acquaintance with the light that compels straight forwardness. ‘Trial and error’ is bye passed to reach straight to the target. Light gives better meanings to conciseness and precision. Light goes out to show what is to be said. Definition and other descriptions are gotten by the entrance of the light. The desire of better documentation by the word put forward the exposing light to write with.

The flooding by light gains the time. Extra time is earned to pursue after the desired by the employment of light. Retirement at the prime of life is fought by the opportunity presented by light. The provisions of light aid the activities with profitability measured in terms of the time / period. Accessing the unused period of time and tapping into reservoir of potential could be by the light. Unlit night is futile of profitable treasures but not in the brightness of the day. It seems that the approaching of light signifies the beginning while its departure notifies the end of a work. It is the determinant of the schedules of man’s life.

It sparks power to cause life in the kingdom of the living. There is flowing of current to charge into fruitfulness. The power carried is enormous to be employed in getting results. Its energy rotates the cycle of life to keep in motion the course initiated. The form and shape are taken in it to memorize for applications. Initiating and running of life put all at its mercy. None could be as battered as beyond the redemption that is in the light. The encounter with light is noticeable by the forceful display of power. It is to test the height of activity inherent in a deed. It warns of the coming agenda in detailed extent. Behavior is tending towards or away from the sparkling light.

There is no sense at all outside the light. Senses are operational in the provisions associated with the light. Insight can not be claimed and defended in the darkness. Neither there can be audibility and hearing without the engineering by the light. All the witnesses in the establishment of workable wisdom are sustained in the testimony by the illuminating power. The truth and reality of a thing is preserved in the unchanged power of manifestation inherent in the light. Opinion is held in life by the assurance of picture had which is not but by exposure. Clarification is unveiling to see beyond the covering to cause an exposition of the subject. It is the way of liberty to walk by the understanding of agreement to a truth. It, at the long run – Marathon, allows the sensible truth to deliver the dividend.

The lie and deceit of the enemy is undone to reveal trap and snare. There is salvation by the wisdom employed at escaping the net and cage of bondage. The light acquits with knowledge and understanding of the terrain of a journey. This information deals with the issue at hand to bring out a justification in exoneration. I think, the light presents various options of differing destinations for decision and choice. The resolution made guides, as principle, away from hindrance to step into expectation. This is empowerment for perception and conception of reasons for the hope.

Boldness and fear are both caused by the revealing light. Confidence is worked out by the righteousness while wickedness is made afraid. There is drifting by the mobility of saint towards perfection and sinner unto condemnation. The interest is measured by the deeds, whether good or evil, and it is adjudged in the light. This is technique used in separating the mixture of opposing pair.

The position of light commands man and expects obedience. Yielding totally to this call assures the life promised. It says; “let there be light”. Light is needed for any fruitful development. This is what initiated the creation. Its introduction enhanced the vision needed to effectively pursue life agenda. It is loved by men of discoveries but hated by those without ambition.

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