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Skinflint’s Guide When Traveling

Getting out there and seeing the world while traveling introduces you to new cultures, places and experiences; it’s a nice break from the day to day grind of daily life, and some of your fondest memories will probably be made while on holiday. Running out of money puts a damper on the fun, though. No matter what city you’re in, it will tend to seem a lot less charming when you’ve run through all of your cash within 24 hours of being there. There are a few simple tips you can follow to keep more of that money in your pocket, though – read on to learn more.


Getting From Place To Place

One of the biggest expenses of seeing the world is getting around. Unless you plan to take the term “backpacking” at face value and go on foot everywhere, you’re going to have to spend some money. Remember that you can make up for your travel expenses by staying at discount hotels along the way. In Europe, getting a rail card is an obvious way to save a pile of money. Searching around for the best deal is important, too, whether you’re going to travel by plane, car or train – do your research.


Where To Rest Your Weary Head

After all of that getting around, you’ll likely need a decent place to sleep at the end of the day. Finding budget friendly hotels is doable, if you know where to look. Plan well ahead to get a feel for the going rates in the cities that you’ll be visiting, then find a discount hotels site that compares them side by side. Whenever possible, book in advance to save a lot of money – but don’t worry if you have to make last minute hotel arrangements; take your time and you’ll get a good price.


Seeing The Sights

Many travelers feel a peculiar obligation to take in every single dusty museum, statue and monument in any city they set foot in. All of those admissions charges add up, though. Make a list of things you absolutely don’t want to miss and steer clear of those that leave you cold. Between staying at cheap hotels and sticking to attractions that truly excite you, you’ll save a pile of money.


Eating And Drinking

Don’t be afraid to get guidebooks for the cities you’ll be touring; they often have budget dining sections to help you save big. Avoid restaurants adjacent to big tourist spots (i.e., the Eiffel Tower); stock up on bread, meat and cheese at a local market and live off of that. Take advantage of free breakfasts at hotels along the way, and watch out for drinking too much – whether it be coffee, soda or beer – as those little expenses really add up.


Ian has written for many publications in his native south Wales and further afield. He currently lives in London’s trendy Docklands with his partner, but both are keen travellers.

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